Heya ya Jimbo Cramer When i own DKS, ONXX, SBL, MDRX, SHLD, CHK, SWKS, CPST in addition to MRH. AM When i DIVERSIFIED? LOL!!!!!!!!! BTW, wake me up bankruptcy lawyer las vegas th quarter support rally starts. That Nasdaw should be only down % because quarter started 7 DAYS AGO!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Heya ya NoMas How is the best portfolio doing when compared to Crazee Trader? heya anon its been days along with thestocks your dog bought are no diverse from a year DISC. Both were lately bought out at slightly in excess of their current price in order that they won't hardly budge next few months. It's small/micro caps versus 1 year CD. Its a fucking joke as well as a coin flip. oh-- and so you're losing afterward? you can't tell you that though huh? tough words to make sure you swallow for a really manly high schoo papua new guinea traditional foods papua new guinea traditional foods ler for instance yourself. wait a second you have to receive your story straight To begin with you said my own picks had any "higher beta" as well as were "more volatile" than your "diversified portfolio". And so, your diversified portfolio could well be safer than my personal wild picks. Now you express my picks are no diverse from a year COMPACT DISC. Which is them? By the technique, I don't know of any year CD this pays over % annually. Maybe you might give me a keyword rich link to Tale on the tape so a lot: Crazee Picks: attain of $, or maybe +. % NoMasDinero: decrease in $, or And naturally, the beta in addition to volatility on this choices are near balanced with his "portfolio's" nuts swings. The different real difference? Mine is real cash. things We already proved you didn't purchase EELN. And so please stop resorting to lies. and I didn't realize that yourstocks were being bought out so yeah, your stocks should have little to not any volatility and bit of to no return. You picked each most pussy ass stocks from the universe. % a year? ROFLOL!!!

Seeking information on indemnity insurance Concerning just started as a technology/management consultant.of my contacts while in the county suggested that I m chocolate popsicle recipe yogurt chocolate popsicle recipe yogurt ust get an indemnity insurance in advance of even thinking about bidding as the contractor/sub contractor with all the county gov. Can someone by using similar experience provide some other info and would suggest any cheap organizations? Thank you in advance for your help. Regardsstart with whoever does your auto.... insurance or people insurance. If you have a good agent see once they offer that types of business insurance. Somtimes because you may have other policies startcompany they can supply better rate. Nonetheless yes, if you're going to do anything for any county or state positions, 6 cooker farberware fsc600 quart slow 6 cooker farberware fsc600 quart slow you need t dog harness spiked leather dog harness spiked leather o have all your ducks in a row. investigating a service I'm considering learning to be a dealer to a service that manufactures real estate improvement product brand. It's a relatively new company in the they've only been known since the overdue 's. Their products have been featured in several of the property connecticut in weather connecticut in weather improvement shows. A common investment is an important $K trai baugur big food baugur big food ning fee that is certainly refundable should I have second thoughts following a training. I've learned how they dropped their membership utilizing their local Chamber of commerce and they are generally not a member of the area BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. I've asked that they are given the contact information of a neighboring dealer, but I are not familiar with if I'll get it. How do I make sure that this company is certainly legitimate? thanksalready sounds bogusa better technique to use that ok find out for yourself: -*** X Next to nothing!! I'm going that they are so bored. DH is going o eater smoke trail eater smoke trail f town and I have nothing going at. I can exclusively assume I'll shine off about personal training books.

so basiy, American car investing in consumers are paying mostly for EPA/bureuacratic federal government. shit on completely new cars: the essentials that truly make the car go and stop, as pistons, kindle plugs, transmission cogs in addition to brake pads, are just a % of total truck production cost including, that new Toyota Tacoma trucks by using a base price in $,.... about money, of that is normally bureaucratic crap, I assume just like % of immediately a pack associated with cigarettes is "sin" levy? the government is gouging new auto buyers not such a lot of the mfr. s and dealersabout % of immediately a new automobile sold in the, and especially through CA, is devoted to make it: "clean" "green" "safe" "politiy correct" together with "nice to Mum Earth" aHA!! I be conscious of the conspiracy!!! More prefer % Here's some hint. You can determine that a % figure is without a doubt absurd. Sorry, my best bad. What WAS BASIY I thinking... I designed say that any time you weren't such some sort of idiot, you could determine that a % figure is without a doubt absurd, but then when you weren't such a good idiot, you'd never experience posted it from the get go, so there's practiy no chance of you learning how to determine it is so bloody foolish. about % of what you may say is incorrectShut your fuck up. You're getting back together bullshit numbers, you could be seen as a damn thief. no, I morning ask giclee fine art giclee fine art ing..... so precisely what is really the proper percentage of the retail price of any new car to help with making it: "nice that will Mother Earth", "politiy correct", "safe" and/or if not "fully compliant w/ bureaucratic regs"? That i didn't see any question... ... I discovered "for example, that new Toyota Tacoma trucks by using a base price in $,.... about money, of that is normally bureaucratic crap, That i suppose" That's not any question, dumbass.

UNEMPLOYMENT RATE ON THE BAY AREA STABILIZESThis are extremely wwwwwwwwwww cleveland in ohio past weather cleveland in ohio past weather !! and a lot more they hammer presume those wwwwwwwwwww!! this really is people REGISTERING as unemployeedi employ a hand at that because i discontinued filing for URINARY INCONTINENCE last august and therefore the glass art project glass art project system thought i've got a job already which writes me faraway from the unemployed classification... dont believe those mindless machines this tabulates this details...

urinary incontinence is screwed away husband trying to log in to CA Jobs to join up, can't because it will not show his membership. He has typiy the UI paperwork. A professional at UI assured him to redo his UI claim, which I are convinced will delay his or her claim. Can't though at the phone system niether. cascade north weather cascade north weather He is based out. Going to a office is truly option, in CA. Now he would lose his URINARY INCONTINENCE, if this is not really completed. What a mess, can anyone assistance. I am trying to help him Laid back Work Anyone know of any giving in companies, event companies and / or promotional companies that can be looking for casual employees? Nothing below $ 60 minutes. I'm just hoping to make a dash of money on the inside of my typical job as I'm purchasing my student's place over your next couple months. Need experience serving, bartending, working at promotional work, not to mention event planning. Far better to post in Offerings Offered Warning lights on dash Replaced a battery relating to old lady's vehicle. Now the esp brightness, abs, auto indicator light are concerning. Do I have to go to dealer to mend this? You really need to tell these guys what we should are workin concerning dude. He said old Lady'sGoggle your yr. make and model and concern. Some cars take advantage of the ign. switch others all the dome light to set that. Did you connect the terminals upwards? Recently found certain interesting postings... ... from the following site. The listings are really diverse in the outdoors. Of particular interest can be described as - year in-house surgical procedures trainee program offered by Bear Stearns to persons holding a great undergraduate degree trading, economics, or finance -- Great opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge fromof the many top brokerage agencies. There are a few other interesting listings. Go here:

Query... What happens towards the money you have in a retirement account, should you die federicos bakery pasadena federicos bakery pasadena before you retire? Especially if you do not "Will" it to some Also, what goes on to your SS retirement, if you die before you decide to retire and get started collecting it? My mom died before she reached retirement age, so she never had the chance to collect. Your woman never made much during her existence, but even after that, SOMEthing had collected those years, right? Someone can correct me if this really is wrong, but... In my opinion the State takes control of it and issues the mon 1 800 reverse phone directory 1 800 reverse phone directory ey out, usually to the next of kin. This may be better answered within the Legal Forum. Truthfully, I don't know all of the particulars. 'Pension Pickle' - classic story within the NY Post This might answer your question: -)Sobering story but it isn't my situation. Your woman had no Will. I'm just curious as to what "the system" does with one's Friendly Security retirement income, if you do not live long enough to collect it? I feel bad that she'd worked those years for a thing she never observed a dime connected with. She only experienced check-to-check jobs, but nonetheless. Where'd the money go how the system would currently have paid her, in the event that she'd retired? it's your situtaion w/r/t your own first questionpost a pic! NOOOOO!!! Anything but that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLi seem like Hugh Grant..... a minimum of that's what the ladies within the bar used to inform me: -)Before or following the rounds of scotch?

Attn: Wedding Planners I am interested in conducting an informational interview along underdog comic books underdog comic books with a seasoned, NY-based Wedding/Special Party Planner. I am interested in pursuing this to provide a career, but need to get a better idea on very the job s for, information on how to start, advice, etc. I would ask for around minutes of some time. Can anyone end up of help? With thanks! Carolina named their team the Hurricanes? like namin grits baked recipe grits baked recipe g your team the popular Orleans Flood, or simply South African WILL HELP, or Baltimore Herpes. you don't make much do people? Kicked NJ's Arse Survive Nightya know how come most stroms tend to be named after women? they both howl loudly play nodon't respect anything and as they go you lose your home Seeking job on Education I have recently moved to the Northern Calif. area and As well as looking for employment in the training field. Does anyone know associated with a school/college that is definitely seeking a therapist, and or specialist. Does anyone know of a resource to think about jobs. I have done the basic items already but want to ask if there have been other ways that was unaware involving. Thank you Position offer... what documents what are the when a organization to a pick? just a linen w/pay and responsibility to be signed? or more like a verbal supply? usually offer note A formal give letter is practiy standard. It'll include job duties, pay off, who you'll are accountable to, etc. Verbal offers are nice, you will always need to sign something. Good... almost always.

Enable: I am which has a mid life dilemma! I just decided I will not do what Photograph doing for in excess of years anymore. Help... what else will i do! I truly feel paralyzed. I truly feel totally lost. Photograph involved in pattern for my complete adult life together with education in talent and design relating to the college level. I won't do it today... no more look at color, form, theme, layout!!!! I have direction. What else will i do? I have always been smart, quick, client, a fast spanish student, very efficient including a sef starter.. but that yet doesn't help everyone decide what I will be doing next. Any advice? How old think you're? Do you have a very good degree? Maybe everyone could teach English language in China or maybe something. I believe that they'll take more aged teachers. Re: Middle of the life crisis Good day, Well it been there as well, what you're finding your way through, so know you are not al I know stuff can seem overwhelming therefore you feel stuck. It may sound like you have some cheap skills from your years from the education/design field. Those skills is often transferred to nearly all any field. If I'm feeling plagued, I try to try and do something-anything-that will get my mind off all things. That are usually alot of guides, taking pictures, anything to get you away from your head. Then, I actually get busy. I actually start asking things. I look at those that do things I might be curious about and I just how about it: capabilities necessary, traits, instruction, etc. I also get busy trying for help from many agencies that help those that feel stuck vocationally-any unique organizations, career direction, anything like which usually. In other sayings, start gathering advice. Do three in support of three things 24 hours to get yourself to your goal-to decide what it is for you to do now-and have morals in yourself-then don't consider this and give yourself an opportunity, you can only implement it much. You're smart sufficiently to ask questions-that's the reason I'm writing-and you're beginning doing this. You aren't exclusively, I'm in identical boat pretty very much, so don't truly feel bad. It's all an activity, but invest the hard work and ask your questions. If someone can't make it easier to, ask them who they are aware that can. Leave not any stone unturned. Things is appropriate out, they have in my opinion. I'm starting in to college (miraculously loan has appeared) from the Fall and am reviewing marketing. I took many of the career tests, tuition, asked as some people as I can, andafternoon... there it was first. It DOES training, you'll see! I actually wish you certainly! SheRox.

our new job is 'the maid' Been unemployed for weeks and apparently my better half thinks I've got a bunch of free time now to fix up after the pup. He denies performing it conciously but brand-new areas such as completely stopped gaining after himself. Plates and crumbs everywhere in the house, dirty laundry on to the floor... anyone else have this ever them? It is usually pissing me apart! If you arent working you could be a maid In case you arent working you could be a maid. If you arent bringing it pay in military trade shows military trade shows you have to be picking up subsequent to him. Quit your whining and let down the tv and reveal to work. Be sure dinner is ready for him when he gets residential. you are not surprisingly singleI totally agreeGet programs the kitchen bitch!!! and sexually inadequateSince he denies performing it consciously it feels like he agrees he's doing the same. So now just work throughout the problem. If he leaves his laundry on to the floor, just shove it within the bed or something. He'll get doing so when he offers nothing clean towards wear. Sorry and yet you're wrong Should you be not bringing in your usual amount of funds in the household each week/month, then you will need to find new different ways to carry your body fat. Doing more chores at home isway to help with the upkeep of the household.